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Do I have to come regularly, join in competitions etc?

No.  We don’t believe in pressuring people, we believe in them enjoying themselves.  Shooting is a great sport - a family sport - and shooters are great people as you’ll find out for yourself if you apply to join.  Beginners are always welcome.  We do run many internal competitions and, as a member, you can join in them if you wish, but it’s entirely your choice.  Likewise, you can come as often or as little as you like - shoot a lot, shoot a little, or just sit and talk.[top]

How do I join?

For both legal and safety reasons we cannot let people just turn up and shoot.  To join, (or just ‘have a go’), you will have to take a short Introductory Course, followed by a probationary period of three months or eight attendances, whichever takes the longer.  The Courses are held on Saturday mornings from 11.00am to about 12.30 and have to be booked in advance.
There is no quick way to join any gun club in the United Kingdom so on-line booking is not only expensive, it’s pointless.  Ring 0151 632 4071 for an Application Form and we’ll send it the same day, first class post. (If no one is in, leave your name and address - slow and clear please). We can’t ring back.[top]

What’s involved in the Introductory Course?

The Course is to teach you how to handle firearms safely plus the basics of pistol shooting, rifle shooting, archery, and clay pigeon.  It is also an opportunity to ask any questions about us or shooting in general.
Attending the Course puts you under no obligation to join and you will not be subjected to any kind of hard sell.[top]

Do I need any equipment?

No.  Everything you need for the Course will be provided and club guns and bows are available for you to use during your probationary period.[top]

How much does it cost to join?

(prices as at January 2017)

introductory course

joining fees

(paid by monthly Direct Debit)

range fees
(per visit)

adult£25.00 adult£30.00 adult£20.80/month members£2.00
(members’ children only)
husband and wife£48.00 husband and wife£33.40/month class A probationers£3.00

junior£20.00 junior in further education£10.00/month class B probationers
(first visit £2)
junior in primary or
secondary education
juniors half price

Who are we?

We are a private club, built up by shooters and run by shooters.  Our company name is Atlantic Leisure Ltd. In 1970 a small group of us leased the basement of a disused 1855 warehouse near Sandhills Station in Liverpool.  Now, through pursuing a vigorous policy of self-help and reinvestment, we own the entire property and have transformed it into a first class shooting facility and one of the finest indoor ranges in the country.

For those interested in modern management techniques, we have not spent a fortune on consultants to obtain ISO9000 ‘status’ nor win a trendy ‘investors in people’ logo.  Instead, we simply provide good service, good value for money and treat our staff, our members and any visitors as human beings.  Kind of old-fashioned, really, but it seems to work, and the paperwork’s easier.[top]

Range Test Reports

If you are interested in what bullets can do, you might find these reports interesting :

Sand Penetration (1)
Sand Penetration (2)

Footnote - For Existing Shooters

In addition to the above documents we adopted a Mission Statement to make clear our thoughts on the Government’s actions.  However, be advised, it is quite blunt.  Do not click on this if you have a sensitive disposition.[top]